Meth Face

Meth Face

This is what I do at work. For whatever reason drawing strips makes more sense at the video store. They're short, brutal and oftentimes not funny. With some luck I'll have The Wizard of God strips done in the coming days. Workin' for the weekend.

January 29th, 2009


January 27th, 2009

**Mosley vs Margarito

In the Name of Love: Beginnings (R. Kelly Comics)

Go Low 1

Go Low Page #1

Whole Lotta Kisses 1

Whole Lotta Kisses Page #1

**I can't seem to finish either of these comics. So, I figure I'll post the first pages and eventually follow up with the final two when I feel like they're complete. They just keep turning out the opposite of what I had originally planned.

Maybe that's what will have to go down?


January 25th, 2009

**I just realized that my poorly executed page construction makes it seem like I'm calling Chris a fraud. What I'm really doing is almost exactly this, except I'm doing it by making fun of a movie he liked.

***I love him.


January 22nd, 2009

** So, I guess it's Cafe Grumpy. Whatever.

***And I spelled potatoes wrong. Again, whatever.


January 21st, 2009

This is how every page is really composed.


January 18th/19th, 2009

** I think I fixed the world of comments. Now you can just be a human.


January 17th, 2009

** Argel is rocking some daily comics. Yay! Each post is usually the combination of one or two life moments. He keeps the dangers of journal comics in check with a good sense of humor, but manages to leave enough weight to keep it interesting. I couldn't slang enough praise for this man. Check, check it out.


January 16th, 2009

** An event I left out - Before we left for the restaurant Ben was folding his laundry in the living room. Took about 30 minutes. Right before he was about to finish Joe undid every fold in maybe, 12 seconds. Throwing shit everywhere.

Oh, and Joe mentioned this man. An amazing artist. An interview.


January 15th, 2009

** A poem present for a good man. Publish post.

Ben Weber's Birthday Poem 2009

January 14th, 2009

** I just realized that there is no way to tell the actual size of these comics, and since this one is extra small I'll make a note of it. This one, right here, probably fills up about 1/3 of a regular sized printer paper. Usually I'll draw a total of four of these on a page, front and back. So when seen like that they're kind of nice looking. Compact.


January 12th, 2009

**Turns out I've been spelling January wrong since forever, embarrassing.


January 11th, 2009

** Reprise was interesting. I have a few things I want to say about it but I'll save it for a later post. I'm almost done with a Top 20 Movie Recap from 2008. So I'll make sure to have that up at some point. It should cover most of the movie talk I've been bottling up for about a year.


January 10th, 2009

**Couldn't sleep, finished this around 5AM.


January 9th, 2009

**Heart Attack Jack is my good friend Argel's first mini-comic. It's definitely worth checking out, really solid characters set against a fun space adventure landscape. Each new issue keeps stepping it up but I'd advise starting at the beginning to get the most out of it. The man's a hard worker and basically every week inspires me to keep drawing.

You can read the first four issues on his Flickr.



January 7th, 2009

** Late night ice cream & hot fudge w/ Rebren and Ben, special thanks for sewing that paper head's face together.


January 6th, 2009

Don't Be Offended By the Question

I'm still figuring out a way to make these work. I can't decide if I'm happy with what's going down here. I've never been super into journal comics, but who knows? Maybe I can make it interesting. All you can do is HAND it.