Here are some things Barry found in a closet at the Longo residence. Barry tried his best to reproduce them as close to their original form as possible. Enjoy.


"HI I'm Scott L. Here's my auto-biography"

My Family

I'll start this story with.....uh...well...I guess my family. My whole family has 6 people including a dog. I have one mom and one dad and 2 brothers plus a dog. Mom and Dad do have names so I'll tell there name Helen and Bud or Robert. My brothers names are Greg and Brian. And of course I'm Scott. Raven is my dog, I think we copied the name from Raymond. I'm done with my family.

A little About Me

I'm Scott an average 8 3/4 3/4 3/4 3/4 boy. I'm sort of okay I'm really sort of okay okay. I'm the sortest in my class. But it's okay with me. I have brown eyes and very very very dark brown hair. I'm thin and short. I don't like talking about myself so I'll end right here.

My Greatest Sucsess In Life

My greatest sucsess in life is doing realy good in any nintendo game I've ever encountered. I'm great at nintendo. I live for nintendo. I'm the best at nintendo in my family. I'm done talking about my greatest sucsess in life so let's move on.

My Favoriet Place

My favoriet place is the pool. I love to swim, but sometimes I'm not in the mode. I'm not good at swiming but I still like it. I like to swim in the deep end because you can't tought the ground, it feels wierd. I love to swim.

My Worst Holaday

My Worst Holady is Thanksgiving. I hate Thanksgiving because I have to stick my hand up the turkey's butt, and pull out it's guts. It's sick and gross. I love to eat. I love the food in Thanksgiving. Meat is great. I couldn't live without meat, in fact it's lunch right now bhy.

"Poem Book"


I like days like a snow white collar,

and nights when the moons like a silver dollar,

Hills are filled with airdown stuffing,

and your breaths make smoke like engines puffing.

I like days when feathers are snowing,

and the eve has petty coats.

The air is cold,

and the wires are humming,

but you feel warm,

because Christmas is coming.

The Snow

by Jim Swift

Snow falls light,

The snow is white,

it goes left and right,

and it even falls at night.

You play with snow,

you always have fun,

it grows and grows,

I have a son.

He loves the snow.

We love snow.

Slongo got a -B on the first poem and a ?? on the second one. His teacher felt the need to call into question the whole Jim Swift approach.


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  1. so interesting that slongo chose to write a poem using an alter ego . . .

    your teacher sucks -- A+