August 6th, 2009


  1. School for art is a straight up scam. All it does is make you work and get you feedback, and you can do that yourself with your friends and save literally thousands of dollars.

  2. in my humble opinion, the #1 advantage of school for art is networking. so. if you are willing and able to put yourself out there and consciously build community and make connections. . . who needs school?

  3. Yeah, I mean there are way more things we had to say about this that my comic can't accurately express. I guess that's true for all the minor subjects of these daily comics...

    But! Yeah, at least for me concerning school for comics the connections seem like the biggest plus. Art school in general is a little different. Whole 'nother thing.

    I'll just be happy if I can just do everything I want to do in an interesting way. Meeting people shouldn't be too hard.