November 23rd, 2009


  1. You gotta work on your sleep schedule, brother. A good night's sleep is the foundation upon which a great day is built.

  2. Yeah, UP. Yikes. It was Miyazaki-inspired American garbage. I did have a little love in my heart for it but it seemed more about selling toys and following the pixar movie formula.

    I haven't cooked with bok choy yet. mm.

    I like the spirit rising out of the dream sea. Excellent.

  3. Getting the right amount of sleep has always been a problem for me. Recently, I've been trying to fix this but my current work schedule is a little erratic. Like, the last two days I had to wake up at 5am. Today I have work at 8:15pm. Stuff like that. >.<

    Argel! The opening barrage of Up was SO sad. I think the surprise and confusion was all I was trying to convey. But, it does fall off after that. Definitely no Miyazaki.

    For the record, Bok Choy is obviously the bomb.