March 3rd, 2010

I think I'm going to start documenting the movies I've watched at home like this. It makes more sense to me than keeping a little notebook that I know I'll never keep up with.


  1. Like thisss?

    Me and Greg were doing that for a while, but we ended taking too many pictures and it would make every shitty action and horror movie I wanted to watch turn into a three hour ordeal.

    But it's also totally fun. Don't lose sight of it like we did.

  2. Haha. Yes. Very similar. So far I've found the process kind of comforting. I watch the movie first and take some mental notes. Then I'll go back and try to find 4 images that seem connected somehow. I've discovered some weird coincidences going back like that. It's kinda cool. But I can see how it's daunting. I'm already a little freaked out.

    I think you should just take the pictures as it rolls. That's more your style. Maybe.

  3. We did do that. But we would pause it to make sure it wouldn't be too blurry. And also we would have to back and forth and we'd often be trying to find something very specific, like the moment a cigarette dropped from somebody's mouth.

    Also, I began to run out of interesting looking screeners. I need to get on a screener mailing list or something.