Sandcastle Comics #1


This is kinda like the other preview. It's not much, a small piece. I'm thinking a little less fiction than Chain Letters and a little more length than New Feelings. Somewhere in the middle. But yeah, these are the two big things I'm trying to finish.

I'm planning on getting them out there in a fairly exciting way, too. So, look for that.

Also, with the helpful kindness of a Bury I'm gonna have a more functional website. I'll let you know.


Chain Letters #1


This is a page from one of those projects I was talking about. Chain Letters. I posted a small sample from this series a few months ago. Hopefully, it'll be out soon enough.


I'm ready!

"Ever wonder how amazing it would be to experience life in another dimension?" - Windows 7

Okay, yes Windows.

So, I mentioned this at the end of "November" but I'm going to take a break from New Feelings. The previous post marks the end of this month. I'll start it up again when it feels right (some other month) and hopefully I can keep it on a daily scale next time.

With that said, I'm really happy about the way these recent comics turned out. Looking back at the first March entry I feel like the whole progression works in a fairly organic and truthful way. I'm into that. Don't worry, Barry will find some other outlet.

Until then, I'll be working on some "shit that ain' even come out the ass yet". I've been planning two very specific projects for too long and I'm thinking that if I don't get to them soon I might not be able to finish.

So, stay tuned for those and
thanks for reading
any of this.