June 25th, 2010


  1. Dude, this one is awesome. Love the Mexican background.

  2. It was truly a party. The bus took us to a screening of this Mexican sci-fi movie from the 40s "El Sexo Fuerte".

    "Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s Revolución, we bring you something truly revolting: El sexo fuerte (The Stronger Sex), a rousing film about two unsuspecting men shipwrecked upon the shores of Eden, an Art Deco kingdom ruled by beautiful amazons. When sultry Queen Eva spies Adán, the cattle rancher from Jalisco, hearts stop and nations fall. See men sold at auction, fetching the price of 2,000 cows! See scantily clad female mariachis serenading the enslaved charros! See harems populated by doddering old men! See raygun-wielding amazons succumb to the scent of man! To further celebrate, we’ll supply a cart of churros and piñatas swollen with sweets—indulge in la vida dulce."