Hey everyone!

It's almost that time again. A New Year! And with it, a few announcements.

From now on I'll be posting NF updates on the New Feelings Tumblr and peripherally at slongo.us (still under construction). Both sites are still very primitive but they're coming along.

Why the change? I guess I just wanted to make these posts a little more communal and visible. Looking back at the early NFs I noticed an attempt, from my side, to be openly inviting, and it annoys me that this feeling got lost along the way. Shouldn't that be the whole point of something like this?

On a similar note, I've created a NF facebook page. So, if you're into that kind of thing, friend me or "like it", or whatever. I figure there's nothing explicitly "sellable" here anyway, so might as well make it a party, right? Friends before ends? Fails before sales? Or sumthing like that.
It's another easy way to follow along. 

And lastly, I thought it'd be nice to share some of my favorites entries from the past two years. Celebratory highlights, w/ tiny insight as to why. Makin' way for a new month in Jan 2011.

Hope to see you there!

1/1: clean, first, simple
1/16: friends, NYC, journal

2/15: layouts, the fight
2/26: changes, life

3/1: circles, intersections
3/26-27: interlocking, scroll

4/6: barry littles
4/30: fiction, pencil, ghosts

5/7: home
5/10: work

6/10: mocca, comics, possibilities
6/20: mental, relief, brooklyn
6/26: maria, faster, sunset

7/1: brothers, bruce
7/27: brooklyn, friends, fear

8/6: comics, choices
8/17: searching

9/5: the world
9/18: next

10/5: lies
10/20: adset
10/26: didn't

11/3: new life
11/6: <3
11/21: real!
11/24: summation

3/1: half ass
3/12: i give up
3/15: real talk
3/31: space

6/1: dreams
6/11: rad(ish)
6/24: summer
6/30: honest

9/7: 2 weeks
9/22: stuck
9/30: excuse

11/19: flowers, doodles, life
11/29 new, lost, run




  1. Was I the boss that didn't show up? If I was, then I'm sorry. Also, these are all so good!

  2. Chris! Nah, you'd be there. It was totally Lisa. Flakin' out on all those Friday night shifts. Lamers.

    And yeah, I feel good about this weird selection. :)

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